Pow! Wow! School of Photography - Term 01

Ja Tecson
Aug 05, 2019

Feels Like Yesterday

The first official Pow! Wow! School of Photography Term 01 is over. As I write this piece, one word comes to mind: Happiness.

With all the obstacles, fears, anxiety, and nerves I had leading up to this program, it was all worth it in the end. What we had was a team of mentors, but really all of my good friends that gave up their time to support the students and our mission to bring something meaningful to Pow! Wow! Worldwide.

Every student gave 100% commitment and energy to the whole week, and I'm just beyond overwhelmed with joy to have witnessed their growth both personally and creatively. I'm so excited to share all the moments that took place during this past week. Please stay tuned!

To the students of Term 01, thank you so much. I'm so proud of each and everyone of you. Let's keep growing.

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