A Conversation with Paulsta Wong

Ja Tecson
Mar 30, 2020

"I love the connection and the ability of sharing experience. Photographs can share one’s world. Giving you access or bringing awareness to something we never gave attention to."

How does an artist/photographer find their personal and visual voice in this world today?

I think your voice is cultivated through your experiences, through listening and engaging. Try to explore, experiment, and question. Follow your intuition in a direction that is unique and truly yours. In time you will see patterns arise. That is when you can really refine the shape of them. Those patterns become your voice, your style, and if attended to, very uniquely yours.

"I think our egos get in our own way. Lately, I try to sit with the struggles and feel without getting attached to the emotions. Trying not to go crazy to solving them immediately. Letting that space between me and the struggle to exist. I feel that tension starts to dissolve and your creativity can flow. You then have a clear mind to take action."

How did you find your authentic style, and how do you try to evolve it in today's landscape?

My life revolves around movement and for a long time it pushed me. I went where it took me and only saw what was in front of me. Only the surface level. It took me slowing down to get me to see things differently. To start seeing what stood out and to seek more. I started to be more mindful and aware of how I was moving, of how I could be more intentional. Slowing down for me was a fresh perspective when all I thought was that speed mattered. Exploring these dynamics and questioning their impact keeps moving me and my images in new directions. I can slow down and find the connections I was missing earlier.

"Embrace being vulnerable and explore the emotional connections you create. That brings a uniqueness to your work and power to the stories you share."

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